Cathedral Ragdoll Kittens 
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Cathedral Ragdoll Kitten Application  

Our Ragdoll “babies” are very special to us

Name:                                                            Significant Other” if applicable:


City:                                                                         State:                                 Zip:

Phone:                                                              Email:

Kitten Preference:  Male or Female?             Color/Pattern:

Children?  Name(s), male/female and ages please.

If there are children, who will be the primary caretaker of the ragdoll?

Other Cats?  If so, breed, sex (state if altered), age.

Dog(s)?:  Breed                           Sex            Age            Size

Dog’s Exposure to cats and any other info of importance

Vet: Name, address, phone

References: Name, City/State, Phone & email

·        Why do you want a Ragdoll?

·        Do you want to show or breed Ragdolls?

·        How did you learn about Cathedral Ragdolls?

·        Are you willing to share your home with a kitten for the rest of its natural life?

·        Will this cat be an indoor cat, or allowed outside?

·        Our contract does not allow declawing.  Are you willing to work with the kitten to assure it uses a scratching post (continuing the training s/he had in our home)?

·        Will this kitten have regular vet checkups, vaccinations and other care when necessary?  How do you handle major illness with your animals, past or present.

·        Are you willing to sign a contract that allows us to visit the kitten/cat with reasonable notice (24 hours or more)?

·        Our contract states that neglected or abused animals will be surrendered to us unconditionally, and without recompense.  Are you willing to sign that?

·        Will you give us occasional updates on your kitty?  We are interested in their progress, their wonderful traits, and yes, their problems too!

·        Please tell us anything else about you that you think is important.  Or not-so-important!



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New Hampshire


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